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Our team has amassed broad experience over the past 30 years investing across a broad range of industries and through a variety of ever changing economic cycles. Leveraging this experience, we strive to be innovative, expedient and flexible when assessing investment opportunities.

Deal Types

  • Recapitalizations of family-owned businesses

  • Management buyouts

  • Corporate divestitures of non-core assets or businesses

  • Complex situations (such as debt restructuring and bankruptcy), operational turnarounds and businesses undergoing fundamental changes

  • Deals necessitating rapid timelines to completion

We predominantly invest in businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Recurring revenue streams or customer relationships

  • Positive cash flow or near-term path to profitability

  • Low to moderate capital intensity

  • Competitively positioned for future growth and value creation

  • Proven management teams and strong operations

Company Characteristics

Size & Capital

Target companies generally have:

  • Revenue greater than $5m

  • EBITDA of $1m - $10m

  • Enterprise value $5m - $50m

  • Require an equity investment of $2m - $20m

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