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In an environment with too much private equity capital, we differentiate ourselves by being the partner of choice to any business owner or management team contemplating a transaction that requires speed, creativity or the ability to navigate through complex issues. We make decisions quickly, we stick to our word and we build trusting, long-term relationships with talented people.

Business Owners

We have provided the first institutional capital to dozens of family-owned and family-operated businesses and we are familiar with the concerns and challenges that these types of transactions create for owners. Our capital has been used to provide full liquidity to business owners from the outright sale of their businesses. Our team has significant experience leading business recapitalizations where owners achieve substantial liquidity but continue to stay actively involved in their businesses going forward. Many of our investments have funded acquisitions and helped finance internal growth initiatives. Often in these transactions we have helped to solve succession issues, supplement management teams with new leadership and shape the strategic direction of businesses in industries undergoing significant change. 

Management Teams

Our success depends on partnering with talented executives to create value in each of our companies and we welcome the opportunity to speak with any individual who has a passion for an industry and a desire to build a business. Typically we work directly with management teams to facilitate and finance a management buyout of the business that they are operating. We are also experienced in working with teams to buy out divisions and non-core assets from larger corporate entities and establish these as independent companies. We are not operators but we are active investors who bring experience and relationships to help guide the strategic and financial decisions of a business. Our incentives and objectives are aligned with those of our management teams and our flexible capital can be very patient to enable longer term growth objectives to be realized. Many of our management teams have partnered with us on multiple transactions which is a testament to the value we bring and the manner in which we operate.


We work hard to build and maintain the trust of investment bankers, business brokers and other intermediaries as many of our best deals have come directly through these relationships. We have completed multiple transactions with many of these intermediaries which is a testament to our credibility as a buyer, our ability to move quickly and our consistency of keeping our word throughout a transaction process. We aggressively participate in sell-side processes and auctions when we can be competitive, and we will quickly withdraw and not waste anyone’s time when we know that there are better buyers for a particular business. In general, we are most competitive when these processes have deal complexities or tight time constraints that may discourage traditional buyers. We gladly pay buy-side fees for access to companies or relationships that result in transactions. Since we are willing to do smaller deals than most other private equity firms, we are able to compensate intermediaries who may uncover interesting opportunities that are simply too small, complex or time consuming to justify taking to market through a formal sell-side auction process. 

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